This is an online version of the GForth-C-Interface, so please read the link to learn more about this site.
Below you can upload a C-header, which will be parsed by swig and the resulting FS / FSI file or any errors will be shown here.


Name Value Commandline-Argument Description
FS FSI -fsi-output generates an fsi(platform-independent) instead of an fs file, which needs to be compiled by gcc
-defaulttype <type> specifies the gforth-type to be used when no typemap was found (default is " GFORTH_DEFAULT_TYPE " )
-forthifyfunctions change c-naming-convention into forth-names e.g. getAllStuff becomes get-all-stuff
-enumcomments display enum name as comment over the enum-contants
-stackcomments display function-parameter-names in stack-notation over the c-function


The maximum file size is approximately 500kB, if this is not enough, do not hesitate to contact me